UK Youth Development League

on 26 July 2015

Category:Track & Field
Age Groups: U17, U20
Location:Dartford  |  Directions
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Contact:Enter via your team managers: Michael Gallyer-Barnett and Ralph Noel. See under "Information" for more details.



This league is the step before the Southern Men’s, Southern Women’s and Southern Athletics Leagues and offers competition within your own peer group. The competition will be fierce and surprisingly good. As a Composite Team from Paddock Wood AC and Invicta East Kent AC we can offer athletes from both clubs some serious competition and be competitive. The team is known as INVICTA’S PADDOCK as one word is the name of the horse on the Kent badge and the other word is where it lives! We also have our own Team Vest so you don’t have to wear your normal Club Vest, although the rules say that composite team members can wear their own club vests as the competition numbers identify the competitors in each event. We shall see!


This league offers us the opportunity to have 3 competitors in most events and all throwers and linear jumpers will have only 4 attempts, thereby avoiding the NJAL Standards to get 3 more throws or jumps. High Jump & Pole Vault are the exceptions and the competitions will progress as usual. You can only compete in one age group at any match. U17 Women will now have the 80m hurdles, 300m Sprint and 4x300m Relay instead of 100m Hurdles, 400m and 4x400m Relay.

We wish to be fair and give everyone the chance to compete, but it will be impossible if 4 people want to throw the javelin for example, and the only Non-scoring event is the 100m for both age groups and sexes. Whatever events you select there is no guarantee you will be the A or B string or even get a chance to compete in it. However, we are prepared to go by your competition records before making the team choices.

Our difficulty is that we may have too many athletes (I WISH!) for many events and working with athletes from 2 clubs some 40 miles apart is not easy – mind you, there is one Composite Team in Scotland comprised of 12 teams so I suppose I should be grateful! .

Also, if you say you are coming along to a match and you have been selected, please try to turn up well before your first event. The declaration sheets have to be presented before the match starts.  We also need to know before each match if you are coming along as well and the Thursday before each match is the deadline for inclusion in the team.

We will do our best to get you into your favoured events if we can. If you can be flexible it would help us a lot.