Kent League - Young Athletes - Fixture (3)

on 3 July 2011

Category:Track & Field
Age Groups: U11, U13, U15
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Contact:Contact team manager, Jennifer Weston.01227-455072

League Rule 6

  • Clubs may nominate an A and a B String athlete for each event. 
  • Where track events are run separately, Team Managers MUST nominate the better performing athlete for the A String.  
  • In events run together, and in all field events, the better performing athlete will be counted as the A String
  • Each Athlete may compete in up to 4 events in any one meeting, with a maximum of 3 individual events (ie. at least one event must be a relay)


There are only two (2) events

  • at meeting 1 & 3   -  75m (Girls)  80m (Boys) 
  • at meeting 2 & 4  - 150m (both Boys & Girls)