Kent League - Vets - Fixture (1)

on 18 April 2011

Category:Track & Field
Age Groups: Vets
Location:Dartford  |  Directions
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Contact:Contact team captain, John Gilbert.

"Sign-up" sheets for the 1st two fixtures are on the club house notice board.


If you don`t get up to the clubhouse then please do let me know of your availability direct by e-mail/phone.

You will get a voucher every time you represent the club entitling you to a free training session.


At the recent AGM it was also ageed that the club will assist with the cost of travelling to matches.Please do support the team-and enjoy yourselves!!

PS-I`ll be away from 19/4-3/5, so it would be nice for me to come back and find the "sign-up" sheet packed full of names!!

And-don`t forget- all you vets are very welcome to also compete in the Southern Mens and Womens leagues.

You won`t embarrass yourselves- and it can be very satisfying-in a completely immature and childish way of course-to sometimes put these youngsters in their place!! (well, if I can do it at my age so can you).


Regards-John Gilbert (Team Manager)