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London Marathon 2012

Each year Organisers give affiliated clubs a number of free places

For the 2012 race, IEK have been allocated 5 free places

  • IEK gives priority for the 5 runners' places to members whose private application for this event has been rejected and members must show us the rejection slip 
  • If only 5 IEK members apply, all 5 get a place - if more than 5 apply, the names of those who didn't get a place last year go in a hat first
  • if fewer than 5 apply they get a place and a 2nd draw for the remaing places is done from those who were lucky last year


the 5 IEK members given a free club place for London 2012

  • Janice Moorekite
  • Theresa Johns
  • Jane Robertson
  • Tim Kerr
  • Tony Piersall



the 5 IEK members given a free club place for London 2011

  • James Wren
  • Steve Burt
  • Michael Gallyer Barnett
  • Tim Kerr
  • Chris Hawkins

These members may apply for this year's tickets but their names will go into the draw only if fewer than 5 applications are received from the rest of the Club

The 5 lucky ones in 2011 will have normal priority for the 2013 London Marathon