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Red shines bright for IEK’s Senior Men at Tonbridge

Three of IEK’s Senior Men made sure our club red shone brightly at Tonbridge last night. With the youngsters often grabbing the headlines (and rightly so), it’s nice to see some great performances from our Senior ranks.


Tim Corby, fresh from 5k success at the Kent Champs, dropped down to the 800m. He was seeded in the fastest heat and attacked the race as he always seems to do. His race strategy, positioning and quality showed and he did everything right just being passed in the last 40m, but still claiming 3rd in a packed field, in a very respectable 2:02.69 (correct me if I’m wrong Tim!)


Next was the duo known as Tom (Purnell) and Barry (me!). Although in different sections of the 3k, both of us had points to prove and targets for our race.


Tom set off in the biggest field I have ever seen in a 3k (around 15-18 starters). He tucked himself on to the back of the lead pack of 4 athletes, before 3 decided to blaze away. Tom realising the move, sensibly stuck to his plan and drove (or ran really, otherwise it would have been cheating) amping it up over the last 800m and engaging that sprint to set a new PB of 9:29.7 and claiming 4th – and earning himself a UK ranking in this event for the first time.


As for me....well I didn’t try to stick with Tom (not a good idea for me!). I tried my best to attack the race and to keep on it throughout. My new training plan is definitely paying off this year and I got another PB (yay!), in a time I was reasonably pleased with of 10:45.04 (damn that 4 hundredths!). Still lots of work to do though. No idea what my finishing place was – that was irrelevant in this instance, I just needed to race my race!


Throughout the racing, both for the 800m and 3000m the IEK cheerleading squad was led by Donald Carter who was ably assisted by Rebecca Weston. It really helped us all – thanks!!


Barry Hopkins