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Abingdon Marathon 2011  -  Abingdon Sunday 16 October

Abingdon Marathon   Open Race        Individual age group win for Trevor & Sharon

British Masters        (championship)    Individual Gold for Trevor, Sharon, Vicky  -  Sue silver  -  Janice bronze

Southern Masters    (championship)   Individual Gold for Trevor, Sharon, Vicky  -  Sue silver  -  Janice bronze

Middlesex Masters  (championship)   Individual bronze for Janice Moorekite

The Abingdon Marathon race had no fewer than four (4) races in one - the age groups in some official results need updating to reflect how championship medals, if any, were actually distributed on the day

You have to know that 2 different age group systems apply when Road Races double as championships

1  Road Race age groups are set by organisers and are normally 4 x 10 year bands - females from 35, 45 etc..... males from 40, 50 etc

2  The ten (10) Championship age groups are set by the governing body.... all start at 35 in 5 year bands (up to 85) and are identical for men and women 

1 - The Abingdon Marathon - 777 finishers

This countedall runners in order as they crossed the finish line -  

Trevor Edgley was 127th in 3:08.41 and won 1st Male vet-60.

Our 4 ladies all entered this race as vet-45 in order to be a team in that age group and were duly classed 3rd of 14 Female teams, behind Woodstock Harriers and St Albans Striders.

Sharon Hawkins (153rd) was 1st Female vet-45 in 3hrs 11.36, Vicky Talbot Rosner (294th) was 7th vet-45 in 3hrs 28.29, Sue Cooper (469th) was 16th vet-45 in 3hrs 51.41 and Janice Moorekite (711th) was 41st female vet-45 in 4hrs 36.42

2  -  The British Masters Championship

40 of the Abingdon participants were vets who had also entered the 10 championship age groups in the


National Masters Championships - this involved all 5 IEK participants, who won 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze

In his 4th year as vet-60, Trevor Edgley won the National Vet-60 title by over 8 minutes from his nearest rival, Rothwell's Keith Pailing.

Having won the Thanet Marathon last month in 3:17.05, Trevor's Abingdon time places him 9th in the national age-group rankings for 2011 - he was last in the top 10 vet-60s in 2009 when he was ranked 5th with 3:05.10

Sharon Hawkins was 3rd vet female to finish and won the Vet-45 category, 19 minutes ahead of her nearest vet-45 rival from Cleethorpes.

Vicky Talbot Rosner was 6th vet female to finish and shows as 1st vet-55 in the results : however, on the day this was corrected to Vicky's correct age group (vet-50) which she won in 3hrs 28.29, only one minute short of her best vet Marathon 4 years ago in Amsterdam

Sue Cooper, 8th vet female to finish the National entry, took silver in the Vet-50 category, almost 3½ minutes ahead of her nearest vet-50 rival from Abingdon

Janice Moorekite was 11th vet female taking bronze in the vet-50 catgory despite her back tightening with 9 miles to go, reducing her from sub-9 mins per mile to well over 13 mins per mile and limped home with "encouragement" in last 3 miles by a 100 marathon runner called Patsy

3  -  The Southern Championship

19 of the Abingdon participants were veterans who also entered the Regional Championship in the same 10 age categories as the Nationals (5 year bands from

vet-35 to vet-75) and this, again, involved all 5 IEK participants who were classified in the results as winning 3 individual gold, a silver and an individual bronze - medals to follow in the post

As the first Southern Vet-60 to finish, Trevor Edgley collected his 2nd individual championship Gold of the day, 7½ mins ahead of his nearest vet-60 rival from Datchet Dashers who contested this category but had not contested the National category

Sharon Hawkins collected her 2nd championship gold of the day, this time as the first Southern vet-45 finishing 43 minutes ahead of her vet-45 rival the Serpentine Running Club

Vicky Talbot Rosner was the 2nd Southern vet female collecting her 2nd gold of the day as the first Southern vet-50 despite the results ageing her prematurely into the vet-55 group

Sue Cooper was 3rd Southern vet female and collected her 2nd silver of the day in Vet-50s, almost 3½ minutes ahead of the same vet-50 rival from Abingdon who had taken the vet-50 Masters bronze

Janice Moorekite was 6th Southern vet female to finish and took bronze in the vet-50 catgory

4  -  The Middlesex County Championship

On the same day that she had contested the National and Regional championships as a vet-50, Janice Moorekite contested the championship for Middlesex (county of her birth) as a vet-45 and took her third bronze of the day

No photographs of these events available