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3 IEK records + 10 Club champions: Chris C, Rebecca, Alex, Jaffer (400m) Chris M, Terry, Jacob, Ross, Max, Rhiannon (Discus)

Poppy Collins (300m) Anna Weston (Mile) and Rebecca Weston (400m) race into club history at IEK Open (June) while Alex Tuck makes it 1-1 with Ben Burton to become u17 club champion at 400m. In Discus, Chris Monticolombi outguns Callum Barling Jeffery by a whisker to become u20 club champion - two pairs of brothers [u17 Burtons and u15 Howards] battle it out for club title and Rhiannon Wallwork is our only female Discus club champion For full report and results click underlined text...[url=http://www.invictaeastkentac.org.uk/school-liaison.html]IEK Open Meetings Page[/url]