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Six IEK members nominated for English Schools in Birmingham

Following Kent Schools (Ashford) and SE Inter-county match (Horsham) the list of 48 Kent nominations, published on ESAA website, includes six (6) IEK trained students - one sprinter (Jaffer Adams) one thrower (Anna Alvarez) and 4 middle-distance - Kieran Reilly, Jason Prickett, Rebecca Weston and Beth Carter. All are selected for their first apearance in the National event, except Beth & Rebecca both going for the third time. The maximum number that Kent is allowed at these National Championships is 60, so 12 more athletes could yet to be nominated by the deadline of Friday 27 June. [img:659l]At Ashford, 25 finals involving 38 IEK members yielded 22 medals, 9 of which were gold, 7 silver and 6 bronze. The following week, 9 IEK went on to Horsham to have a 2nd go at gaining nomination for the National Finals at Birmingham on Friday 9 & Sat 10 July. These included Sam Hudson [LEFT] pictured winning the steeplechase at Ashford despite a spectacular waterjump on the first lap - at Horsham, Sam was 3rd in the Intercounty s/chase in a personal best time of 5.13.20. Bobby Clay won the Kent Schools Junior Girls 800m title at Ashford in 2:23.34 (her best ever) and then ran another 3 seconds faster to win the Intercounty race at Horsham and now waits to see if she's done enough for selection.