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Senior and VET Track & Field Fixtures and Info for 2010

Dates and venues for the Southern Mens Track & Field League and the Southern Vets League. These are friendly fun events for club athletes and a good opportunity to try out different events. U-17s, U-20’s and Vets may compete in most of the Men’s League events as well as the Seniors. If interested in competing, please add your name to the forms on display in the Club House, or contact Team Manager, John Gilbert. Mens League: • Sat 1st May Newham • Sat 15th May Sutton • Sat 5th June Wormwood Scrubs • Sat 10th July Dartford • Sat 31st July Luton Vets League: • Fri 23rd Apr Eltham • Fri 7th May Canterbury • Mon 17th May Erith • Mon 14th June Gillingham • Mon 28th June Ashford • Fri 9th July Bromley (John Gilbert - Team manager)