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Hi John - I got your message - attached are results and league table Don sent out. Looks close even though you are in 3rd spot- could be done to get into the top 2. You might be in line for promotion anyway as there may be more teams come down or drop out from the League- so more than 2 might go up. Some teams have not turned out and covered the requisite number of events so theoretically should be automatically relegated, or one team looks as though its A team will drop out of Div 2 into 3 which will automaticaly push its B team from 3 into 4. This all might be academic as it depends on what the working party looking at a regional structure comes up with and whether AGM accepts any recommendations. There is a very wide range of views on the working party- the london clubs generally not wanting to travel far outside the M25 and the teams at far flung edges not wanting to lose access to good quality competition. So at this stage I am saying nothing to my team and keeping them totally focussed on the idea they are in line for promotion but everything depends on this last match Good luck for next saturday- my task this afternoon is to look for a team too. Bedford is in the BAL and has a match next weekend too in that. All the stars are off doing international type things meaning that all the good SML athletes are being press ganged into going to Glasgow which coupled with holidays means I am trawling the U17 results again and looking for vets that haven't been seen yet this year!!! Was it ever thus- a typical team managers weekend!! Regards - Graeme Click link for latest SML standings:--[doc:692] (John Gilbert - Team manager)