Blast from the Past

Invicta was kindly contacted by Ian Macmillan with some athletics weekly articles from his own personal collection.


Ian’s top memorable moments of running for Invicta in these times are quoted...


“My best marathon was 2.20.34, (2nd ever fastest by a Kent man at the time) and also the member of the 6 stage silver medal team of 1974”.


“Kent X Country Champ in 1971 and 1972 and was in the first 4 from - 1970 (2nd) -1973 (3rd) - 1974,1975,1976 (4th). Seven consecutive years in the top 4”!


“In 1969 I came 5th in the Ben Nevis race this performance I'm most proud of”.


Unfortunately the twist in this tail is that a traffic accident cut this amazing career short in 1979. But reports say that he has been spotted jogging the streets once again. Youngsters take note that athletics is the sport that keeps on giving.