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Sawyer battles at SEAA Inter Counties

Maddie Sawyer represented Kent at the SEAA Inter County Champs which took place on the 1st September at Oxford.


After a four hour sleep having just returned from a family holiday in Spain and France, Maddie arrived at Oxford to find perfect running conditions for the 2 heats of 14 runners. After warm up Maddie ran her heat in the same manner as she did at the Southerns, ensuring that she kept within the target time to secure a place in the final with a stiffly run 2.25.75. Unfortunately in doing so Maddie suffered slight injuries to both knees leaving her participation in jeopardy for the 17:10 final.


After a well-deserved and much needed sleep in the car, a mobility and pain assessment was carried out with thoughts of her withdrawing being contemplated but after some ice, freeze gel, stretching, a quick tape up of the knees and plenty of fortitude she declared herself rearing to give it a go.


From the pistol it was evident that Maddie was in a lot of discomfort but she forged ahead, trying to keep in contact with the lead group and breaking out of three boxing-ins as she lacked the speed to manoeuvre around other runners. She bore the discomfort until the final 150m point when she decided she was able to make her break from out of fifth place and go for the leader twenty meters ahead. With remarkable effort she managed to sprint past the runners ahead of her and in the final 5 meters, level with number one who in a last ditch effort ducked over the finish line 8 hundredths of a second ahead of Maddie in 2.18.83; a full three seconds slower than Maddie’s PB.


Well done to Maddie in her gallant and gutsy effort in continuing on to the final. Both Kent Managers praised her attitude and determination saying that she was a credit to her athletic club.