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London Marathon - 2011

     4 Senior IEK pound the streets of London

    2 Junior IEK represent SE Region in Mini-Marathon

Previous "Londons"

Mark Wilkins           2hrs 46:53      351 Overall        345 Male
2hrs 46:15   (2009)  View official photos of Mark Newly-wed Mark was only 2 mins short of the elite qualifying time of 2:45
James Rouse          3hrs 00:02   1047 Overall     1006 Male
View offical photos of James Most frustrating stat of the day - James missed sub-3 hours by TWO whole seconds
Liz Weeks                 3hrs 08:36   1662 Overall        111 Female 3hrs 07:37   (2010)  View offical photos of Liz 2nd successive London Marathon in IEK colours
Smiling Tim Kerr    4hrs 00:21   9416 Overall      7606 Male 4hrs 09:35   (2010) View offical photos of Tim Tim was almost 9 mins faster than 2010, probably because this time his warm up in the month beforehand was only the Paris Marathon - last year it was Paris AND Dublin


London Mini-Marathon 2011



Kieran Reilly (green shoes) called to the Regional Team at the last minute was 23rd  in u-17 Men's category

15mins 20 secs

winner Robbie Farnham Rose (Tonbridge) 14mins 22 secs

69 runners


Bobby Clay (no photo available) was 8th 13-14 yr-old girl

17mins 38 secs

winner (from Yorkshire)  16mins 54 secs

72 finishers