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Club fun training session pays tribute to Steve Jones

After saying our collective good byes to Steve Jones at Barham Crematorium on Tuesday 1 December, a cheerful wake was held at the Sportman's Bar at the Body & Mind facility by the track. [img:557l]Steve's family were on hand to witness the club's Tuesday training session - a tribute session in Steve's memory - with teams doing shuttle relays where each team had to pick up various toys from buckets [img:558l] click each photo to enlarge the view Steve would have approved of the zany training where the entire relay team had to do 5 press-ups if caught carrying a soft furry toy when the hooter was blown [img:559r] Seniors and vets were guilty of dubious counting of how many shuttle runs were actually done... and those same role models will never develop decent triceps by hiding the furry toys under the cones in order to avoid doing press-ups... Ralph Noel caught the flavour of the session on his phone... Ralph remembers being ferried regularly as a 9-year old by Steve to-and-from training, which often ran along similar lines to the tribute session.