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Alex Newson (u-15) leads 9 club members in Fowlmead run

Fresh from coming 36th in the English National u-15 cross-country the day before, Alex Newson headed a field of 120 runners (mostly seniors and vets) at Tim Sutton's Fowlmead 5 Mile run. Other IEK members who'd also raced the Senior Nationals at Parliament Hill the day before include Vicky Talbot Rosner (14) Tim Kerr (27) Sue Cooper (35) as well as Beth Burnett (38) who'd come 250th in the National u-15 girls. Eddie Broad (46) is a vet6 who finished ahead of the younger vet3 Michael Desborough (53) as well as Vet4 John Hill Turner, 67th. Charlotte Burnett (111) is a Junior Lady For full result click [url=http://www.timsuttonsportsmassage.co.uk/8056/47001.html] Tim Sutton's Fowlmead 5 Mile[/url]