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We have received the following message from the secretary of Canterbury University Sports Department ' It has been brought to my attention that up to 20 cars are being parked in our fields car park on Tuesday evenings and runners are using our changing and showering facilities for training. On behalf of the Acting Director of this establishment I must insist the unauthorised use of our facilities cease forthwith. Parking, showering and changing is reserved for our paying customers only. If you would like to enter into an arrangement regarding the use of our facilities. Please contact me by return. With no such arrangement in place, I will be instructing our Parking Division to clamp vehicles parked on site without permission. ' At present there is no agreement in place for our members to use the parking, showering and changing rooms at the University facilities which, as stated, are for use by their paying customers only : if there is a demand by our members to set up such an agreement, even if only for one hour, the club will approach the University Sports Centre Secretary and duly advise you of the cost, terms and conditions. James Roberts