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Does anybody have time or contacts to price up a tent?


Size...? same as that annoying big TONBRDGE tent we keep seeing at track meets as well as at cross-country matches?


The parents of two young members have promised a substantial contribution/sponsorship (within a big budget) for an equally impressive tent - 10ft x 10ft or 10ft x 15ft? They are prepared to do this because, while they cannot give time to help at matches etc, they do want to say thank you to the club because their children have got so much from the club's policy of encouraging participation regardless of result.


We need a RED tent with WHITE lettering - finder of the final version gets a free ticket to the Grand Prix Athletics match that we are organizing as a members' outing later in the year. [img:153l] This rather funky suggestion has been offered but a more conventional one would be more convenient to use.


A reply by the end of April would be very much appreciated.