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Up to 18 Javelins can be moved together AND safely

[img:755r]Pictured right is the new dedicated javelin trolley which cost the Club 225 (including delivery and VAT) and which will prevent risk of injury in the club room while the spears are transported to-from the storeroom. Click on the photo istelf to magnify and see more details The trolley is for use during ALL javelin training sessions and also for IEK hosted competitions. The trolley will live behind a padlocked gate in the newly organised store-room - see item and photos below.

Padlocked stores for starting blocks and for club hammers, shot & discus

[img:750l][img:752r]Before... LEFT is the far corner in 2009 After Bill's handiwork.... [RIGHT} the same corner [BELOW] Hammers no longer swim along the floor... [img:754l] Coaches will each have keys to relevant padlocked areas and it's timely to remind everyone that, for insurance and safety, young athletes are NOT allowed in the storeroom under ANY circumstances