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Track & Field update for Senior and Vet Men!

URGENT REMINDER FOR ALL YOUTH/JUNIOR/SENIOR/VET MEN Southern Mens League – Next match – Saturday 16th May – Erith, Kent Only 3 team members turned out for the first match at Sutcliffe Park on 2nd May – and yet we managed to come 5th of 7 Clubs! We desperately need lots more people for this Saturday's Match PLEASE DO SUPPORT THE TEAM!! I shall be up at the track this Thursday evening - do confirm your availability to me. Also – see my report on the Vets Match of 28th April for some thoughts on the very poor turn out there. Ps: Individual performance details of the Vets/SML will follow. SCVAC Sutcliffe Park – 28th April 2009 Richard Hudson and John Gilbert were the only IEK who turned up at this opening fixture - it is hardly surprising that, despite them contesting as many events as they could, we came last among the 7 Clubs in Division 2. Last season we narrowly missed promotion into Division 1! It therefore seems reasonable to expect that if we could field strong teams this year we would again contend for promotion. How disappointing and frustrating that the team was so poorly supported. Full details of matches have been on the notice board at the Clubhouse for months. Vets only have read them, “sign-up” and turn up and they are guaranteed enjoyable competition in the company of other vets generally, and of our Club members particularly. I don’t “chase people up” to compete. I assume that Vets are old enough to know their own minds and to organise themselves. The Vets League is on nights and at times intended to be as accessible as possible to athletes. Admittedly the majority of the matches are in mid or West Kent, but nowhere is much more than an hour's drive away. Travelling expenses can be claimed and everyone representing our Club qualifies for a voucher exchangeable for a free session on club training nights. Our next fixture is at OUR HOME TRACK NEXT MONDAY 18TH MAY. What an embarrassment if we are so poorly represented again. Please take pride in supporting your Club – be there if you can. John Gilbert 01843 862520 Ps: I didn’t submit this match report to the local media because of the poor publicity and image it would create. I do hope to be able to write a positive report after the match on 18th May. Only with your commitment will I be able to. (John Gilbert)