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Calling all U-17 & U-20 club members, male and female. We are fast approaching the 2009 Track & Field season and now is the time to be thinking about your competition for the season. The NJAL is designed specially for you, with 4 matches between April and August, mostly at tracks in Kent. U-17s compete as U-20 and mostly against that age group : in the throws, males throw 800gm Javelin, 6kg Shot & Hammer, and 1.75kg Discus. Females throw 600gm Javelin, 4kg Shot and Hammer, and 1kg Discus. U-17s are only allowed to do 4 events, one of which MUST be a relay. U-20s can do 5 events maximum. THIS TOTAL INCLUDES ANY NON-SCORING EVENTS. This league is the next stage on from the National Young Athletes` and Kent Young Athletes` Leagues and is the competition level before the Southern Menís and Southern Womenís Leagues. Competition is fierce and surprisingly good and there are Athletes of the Match awards (male & female) at each match. [img:385l]A Composite Team of athletes from both Paddock Wood A.C. and Invicta East Kent A.C. will be able to offer athletes from both clubs the opportunity to compete within their own peer group. Paddock Wood has been competing in this league since 1992, but with ever fewer members competing we welcome the opportunity to team up with IEK to form this composite team which we have called INVICTA`S PADDOCK. (Invicta is the name of the horse on the Kent Badge and a Paddock is where a horse is kept...!!) If you would like to compete please complete the entry form and hand it back to your club contact well before the first match. Dates and venues of matches are on the entry form. PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF THEM. Please contact Gilien Davison for an entry form, as I'm still trying to obtain a file version for the website (website admin) Club Contacts are: Mike Duffin (Paddock Wood) - 07803148925 Gilien Davison (Invicta East Kent) - 07752123545