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This season's Open Meetings have been an unqualified success because they have brought a significant number of our members out of the comfort zone of just training, and into the world of competitive athletics : many surprised themselves at what they did at our Opens and have thus been led to not fear turning out for our club/league teams. These meetings are also gathering momentum among other clubs, to the point that athletes from other clubs are breaking their own club records at our Opens. Earmarking events at our Opens to double as our internal Club Championships seems to have gone down well with members as they can take part in more events : before the Main Day (28 Sep) this season's club champions at the Mile (all age groups) the 5,000m and 10,000m (Senior men, Senior Women, Vet Men, Vet Women, u-20 Men) have already been decided. Most are also tackling the 800m and 3,000m on separate days, plus the 1,500m on the main day. Our pentathletes able & willing to contest a wide range of events - the hope now is to get more members to try sprint hurdles next Tuesday evening. The palpable buzz at all 6 Opens this summer is due entirely to the willingness of so many members to 'pitch in' with such good nature : from taking registrations and recording results to judging and timekeeping... from raking sand to making tea - each Open needs about 20 people to give time unselfishly for the benefit of athletics. Thank you for anything/everything you did to help, no matter how minor you might think it was : believe me, without all of us doing our little bit (even if only once) nothing would have happened. Thank you on behalf of the Management Committee but, most of all, thank you on behalf of the athletes who all seem to have enjoyed the whole experience, and I don't mean just young athletes. At our last Open 36 club members, across 6 age groups, contested the Mile which also doubled up as our Club Championship : half were adults who can vote - ie. u-20s, Seniors & Vets, and included Peter Mullervy, one of the main forces behind our Opens. James Roberts, Chairman