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Kent League - Vets (Match 5)      Ashford - Friday 1 July 2011

... Mark Dawson & Lucy Clarke busiest IEK on the night - 3 events each

   ...Lucy's hammer lands 3 metres further than Martin Kelk's

Richard Hudson and Robert Whittaker both contested 400m and 3,000m, Robert winning the vet-40 event in 63.80, Richard the over-50 category in 75.50.

Robert was 4th in the "A" string 3,000m only 30 seconds adrift of Kent legend Barry Royden of Medway Maidstone with Mark Dawson clocking 12mins 07.1 for 5th in the "B" string - Richard, 5th in the over-50 category, was timed at 14.49.3.

Mark was 2nd in the "B" string 400m in 62.3 where Marin Kelk was 3rd in the "A" string in 61.2 before going

off to lob the hammer 9.52m, some 3metres short of Lucy Clarke's 12.77m - Mark went off to beat a rival from Sevenoaks by a comfortable 1 cm in Triple Jump....

John Gilbert was 4th in the over-50 Triple Jump but was a supreme winner (by well over 7 metres) in his specialist event, the Hammer Throw.

 Flushed with success in her debut hammer throw, our lone female athlete Lucy Clarke posted the 5th fastest 400m time of 12 athletes as well as 6th fastest 3,000m time of 9 competitors







No photographs of this event are available