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Givaudan 10KM 2012


12 Invicta East Kent Veterans turn out for Ashford 10km


This year, the number of competitors who completed the race rose to 914 as the Julie Rose Stadium hosted the 2012 British Masters 10km Championship & Southern Counties Veterans 10km Championship 2012.


The conditions were excellent for running this distance with a number of regulars’ athletes from IEK putting in good performances.


Martin Kelk finished 39th overall in 37mins 07 - 7th MV45

Robert Whittaker 50th overall in 37mins 40 - 8th MV50

Peter Russell 81st overall in 39mins 19 - 6th MV55

Martyn Rouse 135th overall in 41mins 33 - 5th MV65

Vicky Talbot-Rosner 197th overall in 43mins 28 - 5th FV50

Michael Gallyer-Barnett 198th overall in 43 mins 29 - 30th MV40

Sue Cooper 315th overall in 47mins 18 - 8th FV50

Tim Kerr 420th overall in 49mins 48 - 38th MV50

Eddie Broadley 426th overall in 50 mins 04 - 4th MV70

Janice Moorkite 438th overall in 50 mins 24 -3rd FV55

David Moorkite 475th overall in 51 mins 24 - 5th MV70

Mick Desborough 613th overall in 55mins 05 - 35th MV55



As race reporter for the club I just wanted to say well done to the following athletes who are connected to the club in some way.


Mel Carley FV40 finishing 5th in her age category (Mum of Jess Carley in Peter Mullervy’s training group). This was a new PB for her today.

Sharon Hawkins FV45 finishing 5th in her age category 2nd claim IEK – and a regular face at the Club!

Kieran Reilly, a former IEK member, was 2nd overall in the race in 32mins - 1st Senior Man home.


Please remember to send in the reports from your events.

Michael Gallyer-Barnett, Club Secretary (The youngest IEK runner today and a new PB!)


The race referee was Gilien Davison, another IEK regular, who were supported by long-time members, coach and officials, Peter & Sally Mullervy.