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Profile of IEK-endorsed coaches updated 15 November 2011

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Proposed revision of proportion of IEK members in a coach's group on IEK club sessions

As a result of the success of IEK 1st claim members competing in IEK Red the pressure of time and space on the CHS track in club training sessions is reaching saturation level

In response, the proposal from Club Secretary Tony Piersall is that

"the Club will endorse the attendance of a UKA qualified coach in IEK club sessions only if the proportion of the squad he/she coaches regularly is 8 IEK 1st-claim in 10 persons attending".

The current proportion is 50-50 which can result in many sessions where more/all atttending are those who do not compete for IEK.

Tonbridge found this exact same situation and their response was to charge £100 a year for those who want the benefit of club-endorsed coaching but then compete for other clubs.


Tony's proposal will be decided by IEK Management Committee on Tues 6 December 2011