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Kelly Holmes Kent Talent Training       -       Canterbury      Sunday 20 November 2011


  • County standard athletes aged 12 to u-20 were invited to attend this free training day with Kelly Holmes at Kent University Sport Centre
  • It was established "county standard" includes cross-country runners in Kent top 12 - ie. possible selection for Kent XC teams
  • Details of this course circulated by Kent AA direct to clubs and coaches
  • By the deadline of Tuesday 15 November, twelve (12) IEK members had accepted the invitation

View Leaflet on Backing Talent in Kent - Sunday 20 November 2011


The course on the day


10 IEK middle-distance athletes were among 70 sports-people from basketball to swimming..... from hockey to rugby


The county's leading young sports people were divided into 3 groups -

  • group 2 included  3 IEK - Ellie Hume, Lilly Coward and Rebecca Weston
  • group 3 included  7 IEK - Amy Old, Anna Weston, Bobby Clay, Emily KcKane, James Pitcher, Barney Howard and Ellen Whitehead


All active training was done indoors and there were clinics on mental/emotional preparation

  • Clinics on nutrition
  • practical coverage of when and how dope tests are applied - even to minors
  • Separate clinics for parents to understand their role in an athlete's preparation, especially on race day








Photo by Nikki Old