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Bobby is World Champion


A huge congratulations go to Bobby Clay after she clinched GOLD in the ISF World Cross Country Championships in Valetta, Malta.


Bobby Clay claimed the World title on the 27th March 2012. Bobby is an under-15 athlete at Invicta East Kent Athletic Club in Canterbury and finished the 3400m course in an impressive 11:23mins. To add to the success, her sister Alex Clay finished 4th, just 8 seconds behind in 11.31mins. Alex held 3rd place up until the last 800m where she was passed by a Chinese athlete, Yaxin Guan, who went on to claim the Bronze.



Bobby Clay in the lead (number 445), with Alex Clay (number 440) just a few paces behind.


The girls also helped the British team to overall victory, with fellow Brits Rebecca Straw and Amy Griffiths finish 5th and 6th respectively.


A spokesman from IEKAC commented, “This is a huge boost for Athletics in what is a massive year for the sport in the UK, with London 2012 just a few short months away. Invicta East Kent Athletic Club welcomes all athletes from the local area and it is a huge boost to the Club and all its members to see such inspirational performances happening at the world level from within our ranks. Bobby and Alex have put in a huge amount of effort and training leading up to this event and over the last few years. Both girls have grown up with the Club and they should be hugely proud, as we are all, of the performances. Thanks should go to them, their families for all their support and to their Coaches, James Roberts and Peter Mullervy.”




Bobby striking out at the front. Alex is less than a second behind.

(Photo credit: Rudy Montigny)