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Kent Championships Senior Men’s Race Report-Detling, 05/01/13


It seems to me that Detling never really changes. All year round, regardless of the rest of the world, it is always dank, damp, and overcast, and even if the rest of the UK was basking in 25 degrees and bright sunshine (unlikely, I know), it would still find a way to be cold, drizzly and muddy. In other words, perfect for a cross country. In all seriousness, considering how cold some of those Kent League meetings were in the run up to Christmas, the conditions were actually quite favourable.


As for the race itself well done to everyone who participated on the day. It would be very easy, with school and work starting up again for most, to get lazy and not bother, but we clearly have some hardy souls around the club these days. As for the men’s race, over 12km of Cross Country is always going to be tough, but everyone rose to the challenge superbly.


Donald Carter appears to be rapidly approaching his best. More of a self-confessed 800m runner, he showed he’s not too bad over the long slog of a Cross Country as well, with a very impressive 18th placed finish, ahead of Tim Corby in 22nd. Donald’s prowess over the shorter distances plainly did some good as he overtook Tim in the fourth and final lap with the burst of a seasoned 800m runner. Well done guys, keep it up!


Robert Whittaker had another impressive day, with a 71st placed finish, 19 places ahead of me in 90th. I was happy enough with the way I ran on the day, knowing that working night shifts for much of the last couple of months meant that my own training had been sufficiently disrupted and I was not in the shape I would ideally have wanted coming into the race. In a field that was considerably stronger than most of those you see at the Kent League meetings, Michael Gallyer-Barnett placed impressively at 140th. Well done guys, a great showing - keep it up. Now just the small matter of the 15km to look forward to next at Parliament Hill on 26th January.


Nick Little


Senior Men’s Cross Country Captain