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When most people were staying off the roads Alex and Bobby Clay travelled to Cardiff - the only place in the country on red snow alert!

In -5°C, with 2 foot of snow the two girls took part in the McCains Cross Country challenge. Both were running in the under 20's event (a distance of 4.97k), despite being under 17. Alex ran in an England vest, with Bobby running for Invicta East Kent AC. The course was mostly flat, and so the race started very fast with Annabel Mason (the World’s Hill Running Champion) taking an early lead. The weather was not causing any issues for such a hardened fell runner. Going in to the second longer lap Annabel Mason seemed to have an unbeatable lead on Bobby Clay in second, and the following pack consisting of Becky Straw (National Cross Country Champion), Alex Clay and Grace Baker. Becky Straw and Alex Clay were locked into a race of their own.

With over a 6 second lead Annabel went in to the wooded area. Bobby, feeling more confident suddenly accelerated and pushed on (all those runs in Blean Woods paying off), not only catching Annabel but overtaking her and opening up a gap. Bobby's turn of speed and determination became too much for Mason and over the final 200 metres Bobby secured her lead and won by a 7 second gap in 18.31. Annabel Mason finished second in 18.38, Becky Straw third (18.46) and Alex Clay 4th (18.56), Grace Baker 5th (19.12).