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Kent League 2 - Juniors

 Here are the results. Well done to everyone. The weather wasn't as bad as it might have been - but the hills remained tough.


U13 girls - 2.5k, team 4th on the day, 4th in the table.

16th Esther Laffey

29th Laura Parish

36th Sophia Smith


U15 girls - 3k, team 3rd on the day, 2nd in the table.

7th Ella Fox

12th Holly Fielder

14th Emily Bond

15th Jessica Carley

22nd Sarah Hall


U17 women - 3.5k, team 1st on the day, 1st in the table.

3rd Amy Old

5th Lilly Coward

7th Anna Weston

10th Abbie Fox


U13 boys - 3k, team 3rd on the day, 3rd in the table (one better than in match 1).

15th Oliver Weston

23rd Douglas Noel

28th Garth Dugmore


U15 boys - 4k

51st Michael Kelly


U17 men - 5k, team 4th on the day, 4th in the table.

9th James Pitcher

10th Dylan Rigby

19th Max Shepley

22nd Barney Howard

24th Ben Hall

29th Jamie Carley


U20 men - 5k

5th William Stockwell

7th Adam McKenna