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Kent League 4 Juniors


Special congratulations to Invicta's U17 women for winning their league, despite being beaten into 2nd for the first and only time this season (by Blackheath and Bromley).

This fixture is the furthest from Canterbury so well done to everyone for turning up and competing.

U17 Women (2nd place team, 1st in league)

Amy Old 2nd
Lilly Coward 5th
Abbie Fox 8th

U15 Girls (2nd place team, 2nd in league)

Emily Bond 7th
Jessica Carley 14th
Holly Fielder 15th

U13 Girls  (4th place team, 3rd in league)

Esther Laffey 10th
Laura Parrish 21st
Alice Mount 23rd

U20 Men

William Stockwell 7th
Adam McKenna 10th

U17 Men (3rd place team, 3rd in league)

Jack Goss 5th
Dylan Rigby 9th
James Pitcher 12th
Jamie Carley 25th
Bobby Harrop 31st

U15 Boys  (6th in league)

Tom Platts 32nd

U13 Boys (6th in league)

Garth Dugmore 19th
Oliver Weston 22nd