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SAL-Match 5-Canterbury-1/9/12


Good weather. Well organised. Home match. Good turn-out of Invicta competitors. What more could we wish for the final match of the season!! And it was so good to have lots of our younger members competing for us –some for the first time in the senior league. And didn`t they do well!!

 In the “A” events  Jaffer Adams powered to 2nd in both the 100m (11.5) and 200m (23.6) and also ran an excellent lead-off in the 4x100m (2nd-45.5). Elliot Burton placed 2nd in the “B” 100m (11.7) and Jack Mullen achieved the same position in the 200m (25.2). Both ran strongly in the relays. Two more 2nd places  were gained in the 400m-Joe Hawkins (52.6) in the “A” and Jon Ness in the “B”(58.3).Both men also ran in the relays-4x400m (2nd-3-54.2). Jon additionally contested the Jav for the first time “heading” the implement to 3rd place in the “B” string-20-82 (ask him and he will explain!!).

Alistair Noel  posted a very respectable -2-12-to gain 3rd in the “A” 800m while Ashley Paine was 2nd in the “B” race-2-37.0. Very impressive 1st  places were  collected by Jack Goss in the “A” 1500m- (4-14.0) and Sam Hudson in the “B” event-(4-49.9). In the “A” 5k Alex McDonald ran well to finish 2nd-(19-32.7). George Redman also competed well to finish 3rd in the “A” 2kSC-(8-14.3).


In the field “A” string events  Bradley Wake-Smith excelled placing 4th in a very good quality HJ-(1-65) and in the Jav  where he registered a PB for 2nd place-(39-97). He also gained 4th in the Dis-(21-75). In the “A” LJ Diego  Cantoni  placed  an excellent 2nd-(6-12) with Ashley Paine showing his versatility when finishing 3rd in the “B” event-(4-11). John Gilbert was 4th in the “A” string Shot-(7-45) and Ham-(20-03) and “B” Dis-(20-95).Acting Team Manager Barry Hopkins took on the challenge of the “B” Shot-(6-30) and Ham- (5-56) before running a storming leg in the 4x400m relay. Unfortunately  individual times were not recorded-so there is no evidence to contradict Barry`s conviction that he achieved a PB!!

Our small team of women contested as many events as they could manage and all had busy but satisfying afternoons. In the ”A” events Team Manager Sharon Hawkins was 1st in the 3k-(11-11.8); 2nd in the 1500m-(5-35.2) and 3rd in the 800m-(2-40.1). In the “B” strings Sharon was 3rd in both the 400m-(75.3) and Shot-(4-62). Bev  Newing was “here, there and everywhere”. Competing in the “A” events she obtained  4th in both the 100m-(14.4) and 200m-(32.3) and 3rd in the 400m-(76.9); TJ-(7-07); Shot-(6-84) and Dis-(17-36) and “B” Jav-(11-98)!! Sue Cooper in the “A” strings placed 4th in the LJ-(2-71);  3rd in the Jav-(11-98) and 2nd in both the Ham-(20-11) and “B” 3k-(13-24.3).Sue had to leave early otherwise she would certainly have done more events!! Sarah Hotham was making her first appearance for the team and immediately demonstrated that she will make a big contribution henceforward placing 2nd in the “B” 800m-(3-08.4).

We finished 15th in our division and will move to the new Div 3 next  season .This should be at a level where we will be much more competitive.....if  we have strong teams out at ALL the matches!! Hopefully all the younger athletes who today experienced senior competition for perhaps the first time will have realized that they are all very competitive at this level and can gain great experience and confidence in this league. Thank you to the coaches who are encouraging and supporting their athletes in moving to the SAL. A very special thank you also to all our officials, time-keepers, recorders, judges and helpers in the clubhouse-and to the staff at Body and Mind  who did a grand job on the day. I`m looking forward to next season already-and I hope that you are too.


Yours in Sport-


John Gilbert


Men's Team Manager