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So kicking off the Sunday after his fine 1500m run yesterday Donald Carter lined up for the second event of the day.. The senior men’s 800m…Having now placed him as the 3rd fastest runner at this distance ever at our club…all bodes well for Donald to make him double middle distance champion 2013 and so it was!! A very well executed and intelligent piece of running saw him cross the line in 1.56.81 our first champion of the day…


Next up Lilly Coward after her silver medal finish yesterday stepped on the line for an u17 800m heat. Now heats can be funny things your racing to get to a final but Lilly is a bright and experienced athlete and has been coached to race for many years by James Roberts and so it was a safe passage into what would be an exciting final later in the day her heat time of 2.23 was surpassed in the final by a 2.21 fourth place and I would have thought a very satisfactory weekend for our Lilly well done more to come from Lilly this season I think!!


Also shaping up for the 800m was Anna Weston now by her own admission Anna has not had the best of seasons to date…but I sensed a change today, she certainly looked stronger and whilst her time wouldn’t have pleased her I rather hope her performance would lead her to think she may be turning a corner, she wasn’t going to run but credit where credit is due she did and was better for it..


In the 800m men’s u17 race three of my favourite athletes negotiated their way through the heats to the final one of the heats won by our athlete Dylan Rigby and a second and third place in the next heat for Jack Goss and Barney Howard the final could realistically be a 1,2,3 for IEK!!


From my perspective there was a exciting tension for the 3 lads final, theatre that I find in the sport of middle distance running…


However all best plans were thrown into the wind when the Cambridge harrier set of like it was a 400 not an 800m going through the bell in something like 55 secs. Jack Goss not allowing himself to be drawn into that paced himself really well closely followed by Dylan, Barney a little of the pace (in fairness his spectacular 400m the previous day now showing in his legs) well at 600m out Jack was chasing down the Harrier and I thought he would get him but alas it was not to be...however a fantastic (if a little annoying) pb of 2.00.10 was the reward Jack coupled with a silver medal to go with yesterday’s gold!!


Dylan came in a fine fourth (which if you had said to him in January he would be 4th in the county by May he would NOT have believed you) and equalling his 2.03 pb.

Was a good day out…Barney came in 2.10 which I have to say was a fab effort after his fab efforts previously…really looking forward to these guys competing against each other again!!


In the u15 girls 800m Emily Bond was determined to shake of yesterdays blues and led her way to the finish of her heat in 2,23… in the third heat Jessica Carley (who can fault her for trying ..what a star) really didn’t get going and was disappointed with her 2.40..its like we are all just willing her to get through this and back to what we know she is capable of…


In the final Emily lined up against some serious opposition and bearing in mind she is a first year u15 gave everything finally sprinting into 3rd place a bronze medal for her efforts really well done..


The sprinters were back Elliot Burton, Jack Mullins and Sushant Lama…this time the u17 200m saw them cross the line in 23.16,24.53 and 24.44 respectively..


In the 100m Jaffa finished 6th in the final.


I think for the first time a 100m for the disabled athletes was put on…Josh Taylor had a “tricky time” as the athlete in the next lane had for some reason cones down the side of his lane…this was off putting for Josh who came in 14.8..a stewards enquiry followed and the outcome was he would be able to run it again which he did in 13.8… so a satisfactory outcome.


The u20 400m had Joe Hawkins returning to some form with a 52.94.


William Stockwell was also back for the u20 1500m. This time a straight final as a first year u20 it’s a big ask and so a 4.19.83 time was probably not what he wanted but I suspect now study leave is in place he will improve rather quickly…


In the 5000m three athletes in Tim Corby, Nick Little and for the females Alex Clay…Twelve and a half laps of the track in 20 degree heat…what fun!!


Well Tim Corby looks in good shape and tracked a Medway athlete for the first 7 laps he then took it on only to be over taken on the next lap the guy leading was a quality athlete a 3.47 1500m runner so Tim was in good company… he came home for the silver medal which I know he was a little disappointed about but he shouldn’t be he is proving himself also a quality runner.


Alex Clay, is just starting her track season after what can only be described as an outstanding cross country season…Alex looking to run a sub 16.50 race runs with such focus and determination and I think maybe relishes this distance and the 3k… well she tracked this male athlete lap after lap the gap between them expanding and contracting from 20m to 5m..but with 250m to go Alex kicked hard and chased the guy down over taking him very quickly only for the guy to chase her down in the final 70m, WOW what a race… what a time 16.38 ranks her 2nd in the UK… what can this girl do in the right race…can’t wait to see...


Nick Little just back from a long injury stepped off the track about 5 laps in having run the 800m earlier I think he would be the first to say he bit of a little too much for his first outing of the year very brave Nick but take your time…


Bradley Wake Smith also had a satisfactory day with a 2nd in the shot a 3rd in the long jump and a 4th in the 100m… I suspect as a multi eventer he will rank highly at the end of the season that’s for sure.


Apologies if I’ve missed anyone have tried my best,


And if I have a time or position wrong let Tom know and he I’m sure will correct.


Contact him at- websiteadmin@iekac.org.uk


I have to say it was nice to see such a large group of supporters from different groups all getting together in great voice and sprit… I’m sure our athletes appreciated it and so did I!


Thanks to all,


Ralph Noel