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SCVAC-Kent League-Dartford-15/07/13-Men's Div 1


Question-what has a combined age of 225 years and contains a 47 year old “spring chicken”? Answer-the Invicta men's 35+ medley relay team at the final match of this seasons Kent vets league. And despite the fact that this aggregate was amassed by the latest incarnation of “the four musketeers” the team did remarkably well finishing in last place only 4 points behind much numerically larger clubs. So who were the individual heroes? Step forward and take a big bow-Martin Kelk (M45) who in the 35+ “A” events  finished 5th in the 100m (13.8) and managed to improve his PB for the 3rd time this season in the 800m finishing 4th (2-15.1). Martin also ran the 800m leg on the medley relay. Well..... If you are the youngster of the squad!!! And a round of applause for Rob Whittaker (M50) who placed 6th in the “B” 35+ 100m (14.5) and excelled in his own age group 800m to finish 2nd (2-25.7). Equally worthy of acclaim is Richard Hudson (M55) whose only limit to the number of events he does seems to be the time available at the match!!  ie 35+ “B” 800m (3-02.5); LJ (3-10m) and 50+ 100m (16.3). And, of course, both these guys also contributed to the medley relay.


John Gilbert (M70) placed 4th in both the 50+ Dis (22-03m) and 60+ LJ (2-68m) before making what for him was almost the ultimate sacrifice -a 200m leg in the medley relay (he is still recovering!!). David Glendower (M45) placed 5th in the 35+ Dis (20-11m) which is a very creditable performance given the very limited opportunities that he has to train because of his physically demanding employment in the building trade.


Our men's team are now relegated to the 2nd Div for next season where we would expect, even with our often depleted teams, to be more competitive. If, however, we could manage to field consistently bigger squads’ promotion would always be achievable. Ah.... that little word that is so significant...”IF”..


My sincere thanks to the small group of Invicta male vets who have supported the team. The most important thing is that we have always enjoyed ourselves and that we will continue to do so in the years ahead.


Yours in Sport-John Gilbert-Team Manager.


PS-I would not propose to enter a women`s team in the League next year.