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 SAL-Hastings-20/7/13-Match 5


On one level this was a very sad day for Invicta East Kent. A club with the membership and talent which we have could only turn out 4 men and 1 woman for a T&F league match!! But perhaps on a more significant and personal  level  it was a triumph for those athletes who did represent the club.


What can you say about 3 people who on the day between them contested 36 events!! Yes-36!! Lee and Paul Rogers and Hannah Biddis were undoubted heroes and, to my mind, they exemplify the “old fashion” values of taking part for its own sake without regard to winning, and that being part of a team is more important than individual success.


Anyway-the details- and Ladies first. Being our only woman competitor all Hannah`s events were “A” string-where the competition is the strongest... so...100m-3rd (13.3); 200m-2nd (27.5); 400m-1st (63.6); 800m-3rd (2-54.5); 1500m-2nd (7-09.6); 3k-2nd (16-03.3); 400mH-2nd (84.9); HJ-2nd (0.85m); LJ-2nd (3-17m); SP-3rd (6-29m); Dis-3rd (12-93m) and finally Jav-4th (13-89m)-12 events!! Amazing!! And Hannah said afterwards how much she had enjoyed  the afternoon!!


And now –the Guys. Lee Rogers-“A” string-100m-4th (13.9); 200m-4th (30.3); 400m-3rd (76.8); 1500m-4th (6-31.2); 3k-4th (13-48.6); 110mH-4th (24.8) ;400mH-3rd (76.8);  3k S/k-4th (15-50.9); HJ-4th (0.95m)- “B” string-800m-4th (2-45.9) and LJ-4th (3-37m)-11 events!! Staggering!! Paul Rogers-“B” string-100m-3rd (15.1); 200m-4th (38.3); 400m-3rd (80.0); 1500m-3rd (7-28.3); 3k-4th (16-03.3); 110mH-3rd (22.4); 400mH-3rd (81.9); 3k S/C-4th (17-00.5); SP-3rd (6-74m); Dis-3rd (15-49m); Ham-1st (12-65m); Jav-4th (11-46m) and “A” string LJ-4th (3-75m)-13 events!! Stupendous!!


It was also very pleasing that u17 Will Stockell  made the trip to Hastings and was rewarded with 2nd place in the “A” 800m-(2-03.5). We hope that Will and other younger  Invicta competitors become regular members of the team.


At the other end of the age spectrum John Gilbert (v70) contested the “A” string SP-4th (6.91m); Dis-4th (20-83m); Jav-4th (22-69m); Ham-1st (20-23m) and TJ-4th (6-26m). And had there been a 4th male team member present he would also have been prepared to run in the relays (but he was very relieved that there wasn`t!!).


Our 6th and final match is at Carshalton on Sat 10th August. The “sign-up” sheet is on the notice board in the club house. Do let team manager Barry Hopkins know if you are available or have any queries. Hannah, Lee and  Paul  will be there again. Will you???


Yours in Sport-John Gilbert

(Acting Team Manager)