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SAL Match 6, Carshalton, 10/8/13

It would be easy to get very frustrated, even slightly angry, by the pathetic turnout for this match. In my report of the previous match I extolled the herculean efforts of the 5 Invicta athletes who represented us then. I had, as so often, encouraged more of the many members of our club who are eligible for these matches ie men and women 16+ to make the effort to support the last match on 10th Aug. The result of that appeal to club spirit and camaraderie? 4 athletes this time!! Anyway, as on many occasions, these 4 represented the club with great distinction. Let me detail what some people are prepared to do in the cause of participation and competition.

Hannah Biddis-100m-1st-(13.2); 200m-1st-(27.0); 400m-1st-(63.8); 800m-3rd-(3-15.7); 1500m-3rd-(6-57.4); 3000m-4th-(15-00.5); 400mH-2nd-(87.0); HJ-2nd-(1-00); LJ-4th-(3-30); SP-4th-(6-17); DT-5th-(12-83); JT-4th-(12-57). 12 events!!! All “A” string!!!

Lee Rogers-“A” string-100m-4th-(13.4); 200m-3rd-(27.8); 400m-5th-(59.7); 800m-4th-(2-44.9); 1500m-4th-(5-44.7); 5000m-3rd-(23-09.4); 110mH-3rd-(26.1); 400mH-4th-(80.4); 2000mSC-3rd-(9-26.5); HJ-3rd-(1-00); LJ-3rd-(3-84). “B” string-JT- 4th-(10-31). 12 events!!

Paul Roger- (vet 35)-All “B” string-100m-4th-(14.3); 200m-4th-(32.0); 400m-5th-(74.2); 800m-4th-(3-10.4); 1500m-3rd-(7-39.0); 5000m-3rd-(25-46.2); 400mH-3rd-(83.4); 2000mSC-2nd-(12-01.1); HJ-2nd-(1-00); LJ-3rd-(3-75); SP-2nd-(6-46); DT-4th-(12-82); HT-4th-(12-17). 13 events!!!

John Gilbert- (vet70)-All “A” string-SP-4th-(6-93); DT-4th-(20-86); HT-2nd-(22-67); JT-4th-(23-20); TJ-4th-(5-75). 5 events- (wimp!!).

And, as the match moved to its conclusion, when our track athletes were understandably totally exhausted, one of them had the temerity to casually ask whether a relay team could comprise of both men and women!! We checked and, as expected, it was confirmed that a mixed team couldn`t compete as part of the match itself but could run as guests!! So... with Hannah participating as an “honorary” man and (even more unlikely) John running!!! the 1st leg, we got the baton round safely...and were only marginally last behind the other men-only teams!! How magnificently stupid was that!! But common sense eventually prevailed-we didn`t do the 4x400m (John would still be running!!).

Another season completed. Good times had by all who took part. Why don`t all you club members who take the time and effort to train regularly do yourselves a favour and come and compete for the SAL team next year?? You will enjoy yourselves and WILL NOT EVER be pressured to do events you do not want to do.

 Yours in Sport-John Gilbert (Acting Team Manager, johnandclairegilbert@hotmail.com, 01843 862520).

PS-sorry this report is so late but we have been away.