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You are very much welcome and encouraged to join this team managed by John Gilbert.


Although this is a competition which includes Seniors it is an ideal opportunity for under 17`s (school years 10 and 11-aged 15 or 16 on 31/8 within the competition year) and under 20 Juniors (17 or over on 31/8 within the competition year but under 20 on 31/12 in the same year) to gain additional experience against many athletes of their own age and older The overall  standard in our division is challenging but certainly not overwhelming for younger athletes. Look at results from previous seasons and you will see that many of the competitors are under 20 and have often won or placed well in events. Most of the Senior participants are of a modest standard and a significant number are vets (and some are even SUPER vets!!). The emphasis in this league is on the enjoyment of taking part and having a
good time.


There are, of course, restrictions on the number and type of events that the younger age groups can contest-for under 17`s there is a maximum of 4 events, including a relay, and nothing beyond 5k on the track-and for under 20`s a maximum of 5 events but only up to and including 10k.


I would reassure our coaches that I will, of course, always respect these limits and only enter their athletes for events they are prepared for and willing to do. Athletes should always consult with their coaches about these matters and both can always liasse with me.


The dates and venues of this season`s fixtures are on the website.The “sign-up” sheet and timetable of events etc are on the notice board in the clubhouse and you can confirm your availability to me by e-mail if this is easier for you.Track directions are also on the website. We travel in our own vehicles to share costs and provide greater flexibility. Car sharing is therefore very much encouraged. If you need transporting to a match talk to others who are also going  and see if you can arrange a lift or contact me (I usually have quite a few spare seats). It may, of course, mean that sometimes you will have to “fit-in” with the competition time-table of the driver!!


PLEASE DO SUPPORT THE TEAM and “sign-up” ASAP.The more athletes we have the better the team spirit and the more competitive we can be. There is
a full range of events at each match-scoring A and B strings and guests are usually allowed-so you will get all the competition you want. Under 20`s and
“vets” are particularly welcome. And we desperately needs as many officials as possible at all our matches-on too many occasions I have ended up officiating
events that I was also competing in!!

Yours in Sport-John Gilbert    01843 862520 johnandclairegilbert@hotmail.com