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Southern Athletics League 19/4/14 Hastings Div 3S

The dates and venues of all this seasons SAL matches were put on our club website months ago. I wrote an article about the league which was also put on the website over a month age. In this I encouraged all our athletes aged 16+, and in particular their coaches,to support this league. A copy of this same article and a “sign-up” sheet has been on our notice board since the AGM. And at the first match on 19/4 at Hastings what was the response of the large number of our men and women club members who could have taken the opportunity to represent Invicta  and back-up their training in a competitive situation? Just the ever reliable Lee Rogers and team manager John Gilbert (now a v70) !!


My reluctant conclusion is, after some years now of dwindling support for this team, that there is no longer demand for T& F competition in this form from our older members and the best course of action would be to withdraw from the league now and only ever consider re-applying in the future if there was positive evidence that we had sufficient numbers who would actually regularly compete and sustain a viable team.


I have discussed this view with our chairman, Ralph Noel, who tells me that the Management Committee will provide transport for the next scheduled match at Aldershot on Sat 17th May and prevail  upon our age 16+ athletes and their coaches to support this. I am grateful for the Man Com`s positive response to what I regard as a “make or break” situation for our participation in the SAL. It really is a case of “use it or lose it” as far as I am concerned as I`m not prepared to continue attending matches where the reputation of IEK is inevitably damaged and, rightly or wrongly at a personal level, I experience feelings of embarrassment for the club which I have always been proud to be a member of for the past 30 years.


So..... hopefully I will see lots of you on the coach to Aldershot on 17th May. The “sign-up” sheet is on the notice board-as always. I will try to be at the track on future
Thursdays but you can always contact me by `phone or e-mail if you prefer.


Yours in Sport John Gilbert 01843 862520 johnandclairegilbert@hotmail.com

PS Just for the record....at the Hastings match Lee Rogers managed 13 events and I did 5 (being just the 2 of us we couldn`t contest the relays..unfortunately!!). Possibly the most staggering fact is that we actually beat another club and finished 4th among the 5 competing teams!!

Lee Rogers –“A” string-100m-4th-14.5; 200m-4th-29.5; 400m-4th-59.7;800m-4th-2-33.7; 1500m-3rd-5-04.6; 5k-4th-19-38.7; 2kS/C-3rd-8-10.3; 110m H-2nd-23.2; 400m H-3rd-70.7; HJ-4th-1-0m; “B” string-Sh-3rd-5-10m; Dis-3rd-12-70m.

John Gilbert-“A” string-Sh-4th-6-98m; Dis-4th-17-30m; Ham-3rd-21-53m; Jav-5th-21-91m; “B” string-LJ-4th-2-57m.