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The start of another T&F season for Invicta's vets and our 5 men representatives did themselves proud and finished 2nd among the 7 teams in our Division. Terry Hawkins (M45) always turns out when his work commitments permit and he made a big contribution in the “A” string 35+ events placing 4th in the 400m (70.2); 2nd in the PV (1-60) and Hammer (18-45) and 1st in the TJ (9-31). Rob Whittaker (M50) won his own age group 3k (10:54.7) and then did extremely well to finish 2nd in the 35+”B” string 400m (63.5). Martin Kelk (M45) was unfortunately delayed reaching the match but arrived in time to place 3rd in the 35+ 3k (10:18.9-missing 2nd place by 0.4 sec!!). To “make-up” for events he might have contested earlier he volunteered (yes...really!!) to do the 35+ 2k walk “to earn any points I can for the team”. It seems that Martin had never done track walking before and he acknowledges that his “style” was quite distinctive!! But it proved to be extremely effective as he comfortably won in 12:02!! What a talent...and always so modest. Very well done Martin.

Richard Hudson (M55) was, as always, ”Mr Reliable” when events needed doing and placed 4th in the 35+ “B” 3k (13:58.6) and 5th in his own age group 400m (79.5). Not to be outdone by Martin he also did the 50+ 2k walk and finished 4th (14:50.4). Richard observed that his work as a postman makes him a natural for track walking but he had an almost irrisistable urge to stop every few paces and post a letter!!


Thanks to the sterling efforts of his team mates John Gilbert (M70) was spared a very embarrassing end to his evening. Having collected points in his annual foray into the 60+ 400m -6th (106.6) and TJ-5th (5-50) he contested the hammer which is supposed to be his specialist event. Even though this was in the 50+ event he should have won, but... “no”...with his unerring ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory John managed  3 “no throws”!! Unforgivable! But these “lost points”, very fortunately, did not prevent our excellent final placing.


Our next match is this forthcoming Monday 12th May at our Canterbury Home track. We will need lots of helpers and officials to manage this match so PLEASE, Invicta members and families, be there on the night and do what you can. Be proud of your club. And, of course, let`s see our vets out in force - particularly our women. See you there.

Yours in Sport

John Gilbert, Team Manager  01843 862520   johnandclairegilbert@hotmail.com