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Southern Athletics League Lewes


After the excellent turn-out for the previous fixture at Aldershot it felt like a case of “back to reality” for this latest match at Lewes as just 4 men made the trip. But, as always, we enjoyed our day and contested as many events as the timetable and our energies allowed.


Not for the first time the outstanding team member, as regards sheer commitment and enthusiasm, was Lee Rogers (SM). Lee set himself the target of contesting more events in one match than he had previously done. When you remember that last season he did 13 at one match you will appreciate the enormity of this personal challenge. And, of course, Lee being Lee, he achieved it. Here are his results-“A” string-400m 4th-(59.7); 800m-5th-(2-49.7); 5k-4th-(19-50.4); 110mH-3rd-(23.5); 400mH-3rd-(76.3); 2k s/c-3rd-(8-18.4); HJ-5th-(1-0);LJ-5th-(3-42)-“B” string-100m-2nd-(13.9); 200m-3rd-(29.4); 1500m-3rd-(5-34.6); Shot-2nd-(5-40); Dis-3rd-(12-16); 4x100m-3rd-(57.5); 4x400m-3rd-(4-48.2). Yes....15 events covering on the track an aggregate distance of over 11k!! And we could calculate how many points Lee individually scored for the team. Lee certainly confirmed his reputation as “Ironman”. Thank you Lee for your continued dedication and support for the team. You are an inspiration for me and us all.

Another Invicta competitor to impress was Connor Howard (u20) who in the “A” strings achieved PB`s in the 100m-4th-(12.5) and 200m-3rd-(26.2). Connor also ran well in both relays. Very well done Connor. You obviously love athletics and team competition. Taking part is what motivates you and with that philosophy you should have many years of enjoyable athletics ahead of you.

Since joining Invicta Abel Tsegay (u20) has very quickly confirmed that he is an outstanding athlete whose performances will earn him national recognition. In the “A” 1500m he won by over 20 secs –(4-05.5)!! He also ran in both relays. Abel is a very welcome addition to our team and our club.


The 4th Invicta representative on the day was team manager John Gilbert (m70). John never imagined that he would still be competing in our senior team at his age (which was greater than the combined ages of his 3 team mates!!). But John regards it as a very special privilege to still be doing so and as long as he can contribute some points he will keep going. In the “A” events he was 3rd in the Ham-(22-05), 4th in the Shot-(6-88) and 5th in both the Dis-(20-85) and Jav-(22.99). In the “B” string John placed 4th in the TJ-(5-89) and 5th in the LJ-(2-42). His ultimate sacrifice for the team was contesting both relays-his own fault for being around when a 4th person was required!!

Our next match is at Eastbourne on Sat 12th July. The “sign-up”” sheet etc will be on the notice board shortly. You are encouraged to join us ....as always.


Yours In Sport


John Gilbert   johnandclairegilbert@hotmail.com   01843 862520.

PS-Many Thanks to Marianne Underwood for travelling with us and helping with officiating and providing much support and encouragement.

PPS-The thinking when we joined the SAL 2 seasons ago was for our men and women to compete together as one team where aggregate scores count. In only one of our fixtures so far this season have any of our women (3) competed. If this league is of little interest to our women members I wonder if it might be better next year for the men to return to the SML where they would expect to be more competitive. This would mean that if our women wanted this level of competition they could re-enter the SWL. They would, of course, need to have their own team manager in this case. I would encourage our ladies to let me and our coaches and the Man Com know your thoughts on this. If you want to remain as now ie one joint team in the SAL then PLEASE demonstrate this by turning out for us.