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SCVAC Kent League Div 2 Men Ashford 7/7/14 


With 9 Invicta men competitors making it to Ashford it was one of those all too rare occasions when team manager John Gilbert nearly actually had to do some managing!! He certainly wished it happened more often!! And how well our team did.



 (Martin Kelk, David Glendower, Rob Whittaker, Michael Gallyer-Barnett, Richard Hudson, Steve Williams, Gavin Knight, Terry Hawkins, John Gilbert)

First of all a big welcome to Gavin Knight (M50) who was making his debut with the team. It was definitely a case of “baptism by fire” as Gavin allowed himself to be “volunteered” for the “A” string M35 400m!! Gavin was up to the challenge and came 4th (71.0). Gavin also placed 3rd in the non-scoring 3k (12-54.3). Well done Gavin....stay with us. Richard Hudson (M55) also maintained the Invicta attitude to age....it`s ALMOST all in the mind...by running in the “B” M35 400m where he finished 4th (79.9). Richard also competed in the M50 non-scoring 3K (13-42.0).


In the M35 “A” 3k Martin Kelk (M45) placed 3rd. He was accompanied in the “B” string of this event by Michael Gallyer-Barnett (M45) who also finished 3rd in a season`s best by some 20 secs (11-49.2). Because of our good turn-out Rob Whittaker was able on this occasion run in his own age group (M50) events (he often does the younger age groups). Rob won the 400m (64.0) and placed 2nd in the 3k (10-51.9). Thanks Robert.


David Glendower (M45) was competing with us for the 1st time this season as he is often unavailable because of work commitments. David contested the Ham and won it (22-64). We wish David could be with us at all our matches. Another person whose employment limits their match availability is Terry Hawkins (M45), but when he can compete he certainly makes his presence felt. Terry won the M35 TJ (9-47) and was 2nd in the same age group PV (1-90). For good measure Terry guested in the Ham (24-12). Steve Williams (M50) had earlier in the season shown his ability as a thrower. In today`s match he competed in his own age group TJ and placed 2nd (8-50). What other talents will Steve reveal in future matches? John Gilbert (M70) won the M60 Ham (30-01).

Overall we finished 2nd. ...by 1 point!! Congratulations to the whole team for the contribution that everyone made. We are now 3rd in our division.