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Kent X-C Sparrow's Den

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The third event held at a lovely venue in mild conditions except when the u17 ladies ran when once again the heavens opened….good underfoot nice
wooded section to the course.

Once again the u13 girls kicked of the day Alex Millard , Ellie Laffey and a new young lady Louise Flynn lined up with 50 other young ladies. Alex as we know is one of the most talented and competitive athletes in this league, having won the first two events felt a burden of pressure on her shoulders ,and I think it fair to say was more nervous at the start of this event…staying in the front group as normal she eased herself into a leading group of three, coming into the final finishing straight in third position a show of strength and speed moved her finally into second and another outstanding result…Alex your doing fantastically well don’t pressure yourself so much relax and do what you do best, just run and enjoy…Louise Flynn has had a busy week ,new to the club and finishing well in the Canterbury districts mid week event. This is certainly a step up in terms of competition. A fine 25th place finish is testament to this young ladies talent and ability….Ellie Laffey showing her grit and determination just nine places behind in 34th….a fourth place team finish, well done girls.

In the boys u13 Joe Laffey suffering from a midweek rugby injury and Joe Fox gave us something to shout about…the boys worked very hard in a field of about 40 ,Joe Laffey still finishing well in 7th despite his injury and Joe Fox continuing is move towards the front of the field with a fine 17th place these two young men very very consistent.
We have much strength in depth in the u15 girls. Ella Fox, Jesse Carley Alice Mount, Holly Fielder and Laura Parish lined up to complete this challenging course….As ever Ella Fox is never far from the front always battling and always hard to beat ,her and Jesse really working hard together and both sprinting the final 100m in a fashion Usain Bolt would be proud of. A fine 8th for Ella and 11th for Jesse  proving her form is most definitely here to stay… you girls make me proud…the fast improving more believing Alice Mount was next over the line in 18th she was more involved with the front group than at any other time this season and I stand by my earlier report that she will keep getting closer and closer to top ten by the end of the season. One has to take ones hat of to Holly Fielder to see a multi event athlete competing in this league is a great testament to her attitude and understanding of the benefits that cross country can bring ,when she heads back to the track in the spring she will be stronger off the back of this season 20th place her rewards today…Laura Parish is, I’m told training well and doing everything right but I think its fair to say is not enjoying the benefits of that hard work. All I can say Laura is it will come good for you. Just look at some of your peers Sarah Hall and Jesse Carley just two great examples that if you keep doing the right things the rewards will come it may not feel like it when your competing and your up to your ankles in mud but take strength that once youve done it that mileage is banked its in your legs and it will pay dividends some time soon .

The u15 boys team was a little thin on the ground today Douglas Noel and another new athlete Marcus Etheridge lining up with 44 other young men…Marcus is having a great week he won the school district event on Wednesday and turned up here bright eyed and enthusiastic. He seems to have little or no fear and really attacked this course, a fabulous 12th place bodes well and it would be great for us to really engage this young man ,as I know he shares running with football would be good to see him at training more often goodness knows how much closer to the front he would be !! Douglas made progress too 34th we don’t put too much pressure on him, in fairness he can’t wait to start running 400m & 800m again and see’s this as a way of getting more strength for the track..well done boys..

What is it about the u17 girls? seems to me they like running in the rain lol..the heavens really opened as they lined up and it pretty much rained heavy all the way round..however I think even a monsoon would not stop Sarah Hall these days.. I cant remember an athlete turning a corner in terms of how they perform like this in a very long time…Please all of you athletes who read my reports  look at this remarkable young lady as an example of never giving up, of believing it will come, cause she is living breathing proof that determination and hard work and belief do pay off a fantastic 4th her reward for today’s run..Another athlete who is coming out of a difficult period of athletics is the lovely Abbie Fox always has a smile for me does Abbie and what determination, she is starting to see some reward with a fine 9th and I wouldn’t bet on her not making a top five place before the end of the season..there is a challenge for you Abbi its perfectly within your grasp and talent ,cant wait to shout you over the line in a top five position..Anna Weston suffering with  a bug or alike had to drop out relatively early on..feeling dizzy and definitely off colour I think that was a wise choice get well soon Anna…

With no boys in the u17 and any u20 girls running with the seniors the next race was the u20 men of Abel Tsegay,Dylan Rigby and Ben Hall racing this 5k course …Your probably all aware of my admiration for Abel he has joined us and made a big impression on our group he is talent personified….but having got to know him he works very hard and is focussed on being a success and today was no different. He led from start to finish and surely is getting noticed by all the right people..one thing you should all take from this young fella….he stretches for about 20 mins both before and after he runs ..he says :stretching is running” if you want to push yourself and avoid injury follow Abel’s lead copy success and coaches reading this please please please encourage more stretching I don’t see enough of it …Dylan Rigby is so competent, so consistent and generally a good guy all round can run too. Very pleased with his 3rd place and so he should be ..will be flying in the summer no doubt about it !!..talking of consistent nice fellas you’d have to travel some distance to find a nicer young man than Ben Hall..i know he would rather be further towards the front of the race but he is the definition of a “tryer” wow does he try he gives everything and his attitude is frankly inspirational. Success is measured in many ways and I for one think of him as successful for to work this hard and be so consistent is success in its own right.. 9th place his reward on the day..

Last up u20 & senior ladies to run the same course Amy Old is a fine athlete coming back from a difficult injury and looking to catch up her racing fitness a fab 4th her reward over this 5 kilometre course..not far behind and yet another example of if you keep going and believe and keep trying Emily Mckane 7th is just reward for her fine effort also just want to mention what a lovely charming lady she is a real ambassador for our club I would say..now Vicky Talbot-Rossner and Sarah Hotham what are they like LOL..they are so competitive almost a photo finish on the line they both had a great day and I would imagine sometime soon after the race much fun on reflection 38th & 39th their rewards…Sue Cooper our final athlete of the day showing what seems to run through our club true grit in 57th place..

So conclusion…another fine day at the office ..some brand new athletes showing well and our established athletes building on their success…We are a club which most certainly punches above its weight…we are blessed with many who keep showing up ,keep performing and have great athletes and even better attitudes..i pinch myself sometimes im very happy to be a small part of this great club.. see you all at Danson Park on the 27th..