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New U11 Coach takes talented U11 to their first indoor

KCC Sportshall event 25th January 2015 results

The results for the under 11s were as follows

Out of 23 teams entered in Kent:
Invicta team 2 (Lily and Grace Lane, Chloe and Olivia Sands) came in 6th place

Invicta team 1 (Isabelle Harding, Hannah Richards, Nicole Reichhelm, Millie Knightley) 7th place


Invicta team 3 came in last place (23rd) (Henry Gisby, Emily Hopkins, Ella Mceleney and George Trapp)

I think they all did really well considering they only had a couple of sessions of focused training and some who hadn't done a competition before. Some individual club achievements were:

Ball push:
Lily Lane came 1st (out of 45) with 7.5, Isabelle Harding 7th, Olivia Sands 10th

Standing long jump:
Isabelle Harding came 2nd (out of 45) with 2.10m (the winner was 2.18m)

Speed bounce
Grace Lane came in 4th place (out of 46)  with 59 bounces, Nicole Reichhelm came in 9th place (with 54 bounces). The winner achieved 65 bounces

Vertical jump
Chloe Sands came in 9th place at 0.45