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Southern Athletics League Report

SOUTHERN ATHLETICS LEAGUE-1st Match-25/4/15-Thurrock


VETS LEAGUE-future matches


Over recent years support for the SAL by IEK athletes has dwindled to the point where I became very disillusioned and resigned at the end of last season. Subsequently the Management Committee decided that a combined team with Medway Phoenix might make our continuing in the SAL viable and we have again entered this league. I had not planned to be involved in the co-ordination or management of our team but was happy to compete-after 55 years my summer routine is well established!!


When  I enquired some days before the match about arrangements for Thurrock it was to discover that- almost by default- Sarah Hotham-was doing what she could to raise our team but sadly (and I could be very cynical and say “predictably”) with little success. I decide, admittedly at that very late stage, to help if I could and put information about the match on the club house notice board appealing for competitors. I also contacted a stalwart of the team in past years-“iron-man” Lee Rogers- who, as always, was up for competing even though since last season he has only been doing longer distance training by himself. In addition I also contacted the manager of the MP team. It appears that they have only, mainly younger, women athletes and limited numbers. So.....at the Thurrock match they fielded just 1 junior woman (very talented) and Lee and myself were our clubs sole representatives (not quite so talented but very keen!).


We enjoyed ourselves-we did our best-we scored a lot of points for just 3 people!! And, thankfully, we were able to call on the willing services of our ever reliable Gilien Davison who singlehandedly fulfilled our officiating commitments. But.... what can we say!!


I have always argued to stay in this League to provide enjoyable and challenging T&F competition for the many, many members of our club who are eligible for it (Yr 10 upwards), This season all of the matches except one (Battersea) are in Kent. They start at midday and finish by 5pm. People can do just the events they want to... I will not push/persuade/cajole anyone!! So why don`t all you Invicta athletes out there do yourselves a favour and support the team???


I will continue with Sarah to try to co-ordinate future matches. They are almost always on a Saturday, but very exceptionally, the next one is on Sunday 31st May at Gillingham. The “sign-up” sheet is already on the notice board. PLEASE...PLEASE ...PLEASE make the effort and take part.


“Just for the record” these are the details of Lee and John`s performances:-


Lee “A” string-100m-5th-14.6; 200m-5th-31.7: 400m-5th-69.1; 800m-5th-2-27.1; 1500m-5th-5-02.6; 5k-5th-18-02.2; 110H-2nd-28.0; 400H-5th-75.0; 2kSC-4th-7-26.4; HJ-5th-1-00; Lj-4th-3-66.  “B” string-SP-4th-5-19; DT-5th-11-87; Jav-4th-10-64. 14 events!!
John-SP-5th-7-26; DT-5th-19-78; HT-4th-21-19; Jav-5th-22-30; TJ-4th-5-57.


Yours in Sport-Sarah and John.


PS-A BIG ONE!!-while I’ve got your attention..... The club are hosting a Vets League match at our track the following day-MONDAY 1st June- starting at 6.30. We need as many helpers as possible-to assist with officiating, time-keeping, refreshments, recording etc-all the things that need doing for a home match. PLEASE-just be there

and do what you can...every little helps!! And to have a lot of club vet competitors might not be a bad thing either!!


PPS-The “sign-up” sheet for our next match at Sutcliffe Park this coming MONDAY 11th May is on the board now. So...”sign-up”!!!