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Did you hear the story about the athletics club with lots of active members aged 35+ - who belong to an area vets league - and for the 1st match of the season were represented by just ONE person-who happens to be probably the oldest regular competitor in the club (71)!! He is not bad for his age and did his best even when up against guys sometimes 20 years younger than himself-but he has no pretensions or ambitions to be a “one man team” ever again. So....please take pity on this doddery old pensioner-don’t let him hog the limelight and reserve all the glory for himself-make him share it with other younger Invicta vets-the more the merrier. Save him from himself.........PLEASE!!!


The next 2 matches-MONDAY 11/5 @Sutcliffe Park
                                     MONDAY 1/6 @ Canterbury


“Sign-up” sheets are on the notice board and event details.                     


Yours in Sport-John Gilbert-01843862520-johnandclairegilbert@hotmail.com


PS- just ”for the record”!!-  60+ 400m -4th-97.8; TJ-1st!!- 5-40; 50+ Ham-3rd-23.07. And I scored more points than the Sevenoaks team!!