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Vets League call for officials May 5th at Canterbury

In the light of little support for the above in recent seasons we have decided to not enter the league this season. However, the league have always enjoyed the fixtures which we have previously hosted and have asked whether we would still be prepared to promote a match at our venue. We would see our doing so as a means of maintaining involvement with the vets league and retaining good will if perhaps in future years there was again sufficient interest from vets in our club that we might wish to re-enter the league.


We have therefore agreed to host a match on Monday 5th May. In conjunction with the league we will need to provide key officials ie marksman, track and field referees, timekeepers, officials to judge the LJ and DT. The league will provide the recorders and announcer. I would therefore be grateful if anyone willing to help with arrangements could confirm this to me asap and indicate in what role they can do so and which grade qualification they are ( the basic level is perfectly OK). I understand that under new UKA regulations these details have to be provided in advance to be granted a licence to promote the match. Hence why I need these details at the earliest opportunity.


I do hope we can maintain our excellent reputation as match hosts and I'm sure with your help we will. I will put the details of the match timetable and events on the notice board shortly.


Yours in Sport

John Gilbert





Although we have not entered a team in the league any member of Invicta who wishes to compete in the matches as a guest can do so. Just turn up early and register. It would be very good if we got some of our people out for the match on 5/5 just to be a part of the event and see how we do.