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James Cotton & Martyn Rouse lead 10 IEK stalwarts

Martyn Rouse, a mature vet-60 who still breaks 40 mins for 10k, was 50th overall when winning his age category by 3 and half mins.

James Cotton was 6th in 34:29 and was our leading finisher, less than 24 hours after leading the Senior Men's Cross-country team at Sparrow's Den.

Stephen Burt - vet40 in 39:38 - joins James & Martyn as the IEK sub-40 trio


Vicky Talbot Rosner - 122nd overall in 43:41 - was 3rd vet-45 female with Janice Moorekite 9th female vet-45 in 52:21, while Michael Conway and Dave Moorekite were 8th & 15th vet-60s


Among the younger vets, Tim Kerr (267th) Michael Desborough (310th) and Richard Hudson (533rd) were a formidable IEK vet-50 trio in a field of 790 finishers



  • No photographs of this event have been submitted