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4 IEK Men, 2 Women + 2 young athletes shine in London Marathon

Tim Sutton, Steve Burt and Michael Gallyer-Barnett all broke the 4hr mark in London while, contrary to earlier reports that [url=http://results-2010.virginlondonmarathon.com/2010/index.php?content=detail&fpid=&id=9999990F5ECC83000006574F?=EN&event=MAS&ageclass]Tim Kerr (4hrs 09mins 35secs)[/url] completed two other marathons (Paris & Dublin) in the 4 weeks leading up to London, Tim confirms he used only Paris (3:49:53) as warm-up for this one... Dublin (in October) was not one of his, and he'd decided against entering Belfast in early May. NB - each IEK member's name is linked to their official split times.... just click on their underlined name + time Fastest IEK on the day was [url=http://results-2010.virginlondonmarathon.com/2010/index.php?content=detail&fpid=&id=9999990F5ECC8300000655DB?=EN&event=MAS&ageclass]Liz Weeks (3hrs 07mins 37secs)[/url] who not only went close to breaking 3 hours but also was within a minute of Maidstone Harriers leading lady, Sharon Hawkins, who posted 3hrs 06mins 27secs [url=http://results-2010.virginlondonmarathon.com/2010/index.php?content=detail&fpid=&id=9999990F5ECC830000068857?=EN&event=MAS&ageclass]Lily Martin (3hrs 35mins 35secs)[/url] ran her debut marathon in London : her previous outing in IEK red was winning the u-20 Kent 800m track championship 3 years ago. After more than 26 miles of focused racing in just under 3 1/2 hrs, it was almost an IEK photo finish when only 20 seconds separated [url=http://results-2010.virginlondonmarathon.com/2010/index.php?content=detail&fpid=&id=9999990F5ECC8300000667A2?=EN&event=MAS&ageclass]Tim Sutton (3hrs 29mins 33secs)[/url] and new member [url=http://results-2010.virginlondonmarathon.com/2010/index.php?content=detail&fpid=&id=9999990F5ECC830000061A9F?=EN&event=MAS&ageclass]Steve Burt (3hrs 29mins 53secs)[/url] while [url=http://results-2010.virginlondonmarathon.com/2010/index.php?content=detail&fpid=&id=9999990F5ECC830000068278?=EN&event=MAS&ageclass]Michael Gallyer-Barnett (3hrs 58mins 47secs)[/url] was 3rd IEK man home Highest IEK placing on the day was [url=http://results-2010.virginlondonmarathon.com/2010/minimarathon/index.php?content=detail&id=0000170F5ECC820000006B5E?=EN&event=CRC&ageclass]Bobby Clay (18mins 30 secs)[/url] who was 6th in her age group mini-marathon over a 3 mile course, while unluckiest IEK athlete of the day was [url=http://results-2010.virginlondonmarathon.com/2010/minimarathon/index.php?content=detail&id=0000170F5ECC820000006B46?=EN&event=CRC&ageclass]Jake Rogers (17 mins 06 secs)[/url] who put in a herculean sprint for the line in the u-17 race.... only to find he was only half way there - we're proud to report that Jake refused to quit and hung on gamely to finish 38th