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Gatorade 10K at Bluewater   Sunday 5 June 2011

3 x IEK lead home by Beth Burnett

More than 1900 people finished this race in which the first three Men were all under 30 minutes...

  • 4th man home took almost 33 minutes...
  •  in the overall race 1st 3 Females were in 5th (33:39).... 6th (34:44) .... 7th (35:17)

pace of 3rd female - 3mins 36 per km which translates to10mins 48 for 3,000m and....... she did this for 3 consecutive 3,000m then... one more kilometre on top

pace of 1st female - 3mins 22 per km ie 3 x 3,000m at 10mins 04secs EACH  then, one more kilometre on top.....

IEK's charge was lead by u20 Beth Burnett finishing well up the field in 414th (49mins 18 secs)

Sue Rogers (55mins 26secs) was 865th and Lea Burnett (our Membership Secretary)  was 1593rd in 67mins 28 secs

No photographs of this event are available