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Kieran Reilly betters Tim Davis's 16 yr-old 800m record

220 competitors took part 20 races at 800m in ideal conditions at the Watford Open on 16 June. Alistair Noel, Jacob Burton and Ben Burton all gained valuable [img:654l][img:657r]experience in 3 tough races. Alistair clocked 2:14.67 then Jacob [left] and Ben [right] clocked 2.08.08 and 2:06.40 respectively. A few days earlier, Ben was selected to represent Kent Schools at the Regional Combined Events (pentathlons etc) against 7 S.E. County Schools Teams at the end of June : he celebrated with bronze in last weekend's Kent Schools' individual 800m at Ashford, in pb of 2:02.16 The 800m at Watford on June 16 is one race Kieran Reilly will find hard to forget : first, he was held up in motorway traffic on the way there, and his entry was the last one accepted that evening. [img:656f] Then, in race 16, Kieran was again 'in traffic' when boxed and buffeted in 10th for 500 metres before unleashing a telling surge down the back straight to come off the last bend 2nd and cross the line in 1min 58.97 to trim 3 hundredths off Tim Davis's 1994 u-17 IEK record.