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Kieran Reilly in Kent team who win English Schools Cross-country

IEK had runners selected for 4 of the 6 teams who raced in Heaton Park, Manchester.


Well done 1st timers - Bobby Clay, James Reilly, Helen Robinson and Kieran Reilly who join previous Kent runners Jason Prickett, Emily Hosker Thornhill and Alex Clay in the highest level of cross-country for students in England


[img:607l] LEFT, in his first ever English Schools Cross-country Championship is Kieran (71st) who must be over the moon for being 5th of 6 scorers in the Kent Inter Boys’ Team which won the English Schools…!!


James Reilly deserves special mention for racing “tired” – James’ selection call came late Thursday evening… had we known 2 hours earlier, we wouldn’t have put him through a “man’s training session” so close to a race...


Spare a thought for Alex Clay (Junior Girls) who fell over tree roots at the halfway stage and badly hurt her knee when going really well in 60th : Alex bravely got up and managed to finish 123rd, 6th of the Kent scorers


* Junior Boys results click underlined text...[url=http://www.esaa.net/2010/xc/national/jb10.pdf]ESAA 2010 XC Manchester Junior Boys[/url] [ Kent 15th - No IEK runners ]


* Junior Girls results click underlined text...[url=http://www.esaa.net/2010/xc/national/jg10.pdf]ESAA 2010 XC Manchester Junior Girls[/url] [ Kent 9th - Bobby Clay (108 – 4th Kent) and Alex Clay, 123 – 6th Kent ]


* Inter Girls results click underlined text...[url=http://www.esaa.net/2010/xc/national/ig10.pdf] ESAA 2010 XC Manchester Inter Girls[/url] [ Kent 15th - No IEK runners ]


* Inter Boys results click underlined text...[url=http://www.esaa.net/2010/xc/national/ib10.pdf]ESAA 2010 XC Manchester Inter Boys[/url] [ Kent 1st [CHAMPIONS] – Kieran 71st – 5th Kent ] * Senior Boys results click underlined text...[url=http://www.esaa.net/2010/xc/national/sb10.pdf]ESAA 2010 XC Manchester Senior Boys[/url] [ Kent 14th - Jason (73 – 3rd Kent) and James 272nd – 8th Kent ]


* Senior Girls results click underlined text...[url=http://www.esaa.net/2010/xc/national/sg10.pdf]ESAA 2010 XC Manchester Senior Girls[/url] [ Kent 12th - Emily (83 – 3rd Kent) and Helen 126th – 6th Kent ]


For Kent/IEK nominations/selections click...[doc:604] English Schools Website (Cross-country information) click...[url=http://www.esaa.net/2010/xc/national/xcinfo.html]ESAA Cross-country 2010[/url]